The Patriarch Raphaël Bidawid (1922, 2003) head of the Chaldean rite of the Catholic church. A man of God, Patriarch Bidawid lived a life of peace, forgiveness and love, serving his people and all humanity with an infinite generosity and a great humility. Fluent in nine languages, Patriarch Bidawid was an accomplished scholar with several Doctorate degrees and numerous prestigious diplomas, with publications in five languages.

Yet despite his noteworthy intellectual prowess, the Patriarch was always open to all who sought his counsel from the ordinary citizen to heads of state, described by many as a friend to everyone and cherished by everyone whose lives he touched.

It was Patriarch Bidawid’s life mission to defend the rights and safety of Aramaic-speaking people, as well as all of the world’s minorities to ensure that the precious legacies of culture, language and faith would be preserved.