Our Foundation supports and implements humanitarian relief and education projects for Iraqi refugees as well as internally displaced minorities within Iraq. Here are some examples (click on the markers to see the projects and the pictures):

Our next projects

We anticipate the launch of projects for the re-training of professionals (Iraqi minorities who are physicians, pharmacists, academics, scientists, accountants, educators, etc.) as well as delivering training in employability skills and adjustment counseling for orphans, widows and the underprivileged.
As resources become available, the Bidawid Foundation envisions opening additional refugee service centers in Iraq, Jordan, Syria and in Lebanon.

To respond to the current tragedy experienced by the Eastern Christian minorities, we are in the process of forging links with associations such as the French association AEMO, in order to help the displaced people on their road to exile. We are, for example, supporting several families to settle in France.

Finally, in addition to providing direct aid, we are committed to informing and sensitizing the world to the plight of the Iraqi minority refugees in Diaspora across more than 30 nations and to the particular vulnerability of those who are displaced within their own Iraqi homeland. With this intention, we contacted several governments, including the German government, to elicit their cooperation in accommodating those minority peoples who are in flight from the violence to which they had been subjected in Iraq.

Istanbul The Raphaël Bidawid Foundation operates a center under the aegis of Vicar Monsignor Yakan. The center offers refugees to this country comprehensive medical, education and training services, as well as meeting rooms and offices. The Foundation has also sponsored the building of apartments whose rent generates funds to support the community center.

Beirut Monsignor Michel Kassargie is heading up a privately funded center for Iraqi refugees for which the Raphaël Bidawid Foundation will finance the medical dispensary supplying furniture, instruments, and medicines for the first two years of operations.

Dehouk The Raphaël Bidawid Foundation is also study the possibility of creating a University with Dehouk in order to form the elite of tomorrow.

Araden Under the aegis of Monsignor Raban Al Kass, Bishop of Amaidie, the Foundation is developing a center within the village of Araden to serve the needs of the internally displaced and needy Iraqi minorities from approximately ten villages. This center’s medical services will include general medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dental medicine and a pharmacy and, on the other hand, a library, an Internet center, offices for the Foundation and housing for the doctors and the persons in charge of the Foundation. The regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan has already begun to invest in the center by covering the wages of medical personnel. We also wish to create a sociaeducational center.

Ankawa The Foundation is planning to build a hospital in Ankawa. We have acquired property through the generous donation of by the local bishop for the construction a hospital that will offer general surgery, maternity and pediatric care.

Other Projects:

The Foundation has helped several refugee families to settle in other countries, particularly since 2014.

The Foundation continues to lobby and participate in various conferences and events in support of Christians in the Middle East.

To this end, members of the Raphaël Bidawid Foundation regularly travel to Iraq, Europe (e.g. Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, European Commission, Brussels) and the United States.

In 2016, the Foundation participated in conferences against Islamic State terrorism and on the future of minorities at the United Nations in Geneva.

The Foundation was represented at the lecture given by Archbishop Bashar Warda from Erbil (Iraq) held at the Catholic University of San Diego.

In 2016, the Foundation’s members met with several American political leaders in the Near and Middle East and participated in meetings of the In Defense of Christians Organization (IDC).

The members of the Foundation also met with Iraqi authorities, such as Haïder Al Abadi, former Prime Minister of Iraq as well as with numerous members of the Iraqi Christian community in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Meetings have been organized with Ms. Claudine Schmid, former French Member of Parliament, and Mr. Souleyman El Ghemary of the Libyan Red Cross.

In 2017, the Foundation received a delegation from the Iraqi Alliance for Human Rights Organizations. The Foundation has since become a member of the Board of Directors of this organization.

The Foundation continues to maintain links with the Association d'entraide aux minorités d'Orient (AEMO), which helps Christian refugees settle in France.

The Foundation participated in the first conference on the Aramaic language in cooperation with the University of Oxford (UK), the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and the University of Salah Aldine in Erbil.

The Foundation financed the translation of the reference book ‘Saferbarlek’, which documents the massacres and displacements of Christians (Chaldeans, Syriacs, Assyrians) by the Ottomans.

In 2017, the Foundation supported the Hidyab Society for Competence to select students and obtained scholarships and financially supported multiple Iraqi students for several years (a master’s degree in the US, a doctorate in Rome, a doctorate in Germany, and five scholarships in Romania).